Particulate Garments

Air-Fed Particulate Suits

  • Frontair 2 Suit

    Frontair 2 Suit

    One piece PVC particulate suit for use with an external air source

  • Airprotex AF

    Airprotex AF

    A single use Type 2, non-gas-tight, one-piece suit with a reusable, removable air system offering excellent chemical and particu…

  • Airprotex FM Particulate Suit

    Airprotex FM Particulate Suit

    A versatile single use nuclear suit designed for use with a full facemask or with a hood air supply

  • Sellprotex BT

    Sellprotex BT

    Two piece nuclear particulate suit with elasticated waist

Powered Air Particulate Suits

Particulate Suits

  • Nuprotex E

    Nuprotex E

    Single piece particulate suit for use with facemask and appropriate filter

Isolator Suits

  • Isolator Suit

    Isolator Suit

    Isolator half suit for use within a positive or negative pressure chamber