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PPE Selection For HF Refineries

Our range of chemical workwear has ben developed and proven in conjunction with major refineries around the world. Ultimately the ideal way to protect yourself from any chemical is to keep well away from it; any other mode of protection is a compromise. In reality however we need to strike a balance that allows essential work to be undertaken with the minimum risk to health and the range below has been developed to this end. 

For details on the selection of PPE for HF alkylation click here.

Chemical Workwear

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Air-Fed Chemical Garments

Air-Fed Chemical Suits

    • Simplair A.E. Suit

      Simplair A.E. Suit

      Type 2 non-gas-tight chemical protective suit designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed

    Air-Fed Chemical Hoods

      • Simplair A.E. Hood

        Simplair A.E. Hood

        Chemically resistant hood designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source

      Air-Fed Chemical Blouses

        Limited-Life Air-Fed Chemical Suits

          • GLS 300C

            GLS 300C

            An air-fed suit used with breathable air from an external compressed air source

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          Gas-Tight Suits

          • Limited Life Suit

            Limited Life Suit

            Type 1a-ET Limited Life, Fully Encapsulating Gas-Tight Chemical Protective Suit

          Splash Suits

          • SC1 Reusable Splash Suit

            SC1 Reusable Splash Suit

            Reusable Type 3 & 4 chemical splash contamination suit designed for external (SCBA)

          • Limited Life SC4

            Limited Life SC4

            A fully encapsulating single use Type 3 chemical splash contamination suit

          Protective Footwear

          Chemically Protective Footwear

            • Compact Chemical Overboots

              Compact Chemical Overboots

              A chemically protective front-opening overboot with a slip resistant sole designed to be worn over safety shoes and trainers.

            CBRN Equipment

            Air Supply Equipment