Respirex International


Particulate Garments

Air-Fed Particulate Suits

    Gas-Tight Suits

    • Limited Life Suit

      Limited Life Suit

      Type 1a-ET Limited Life, Fully Encapsulating Gas-Tight Chemical Protective Suit

    Air-Fed Chemical Garments

    Air-Fed Chemical Suits

      Limited-Life Air-Fed Chemical Suits

        • GLS 300C

          GLS 300C

          An air-fed suit used with breathable air from an external compressed air source

        Protective Footwear

        Chemically Protective Footwear

          • Hazmax™ YS Boots

            Hazmax™ YS Boots

            A chemically protective anti-static safety boot with an integral steel toe cap and penetration resistant midsole.

          Air Supply Equipment